Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easy-peasy heat pack

I'm back today with another simple project to share (can you tell I'm avoiding my big project?) that I made the other day.  My mom and I put together a little care package to send to my sister in Rhode Island, and I stuck in a rice-filled heat pack that I made from some leftover batik-like fabric.  Here is how my little project turned out:

I made the actual heat pack from some lining fabric, and created four rice-filled compartments.  I sewed up the pack completely (to prevent from rice spilling out all over the place) and I made a little slipcover that can be removed (in the name of cleanliness!)  and closes with a strip of Velcro.  I just love the leaf-like print on this fabric!  This project was so simple, quick and cheap...I may just have to make some more this week!

I'm planning on devoting some time today to re-building my project gallery (the blog tab formerly known as "Things I've Made".)  Through my technological prowess, I magically (and quite accidentally) deleted the entire tab yesterday.  So that's definitely on the agenda for today, along with the conclusion of what I like to call "Project Procrastination."  Now that I've successfully cut out all of the pieces for an adorable dress pattern-and let them sit on my ironing board for at least one week-it's time to tackle that project.  Wish me luck!  Happy weekend!

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