Saturday, May 26, 2012

Belated billfold

Hello friends!  I know I've been absent and I apologize!  I've had a wild couple of weeks that included yet another move and a great deal of training for my new summer job.  It's been exciting, but busy!  I popped in to share a project I made some time ago for my mom for Mother's Day.  I somehow got it finished, packed up, and mailed on time (which is nothing short of a miracle for me) but I just never got around to posting it on here.

For the last few years, my mom has been using a cheap "wallet" that she found in the attic, even though it doesn't really fit any of her cards or money, and it doesn't have a pocket for change.  After trying (and failing) to convince her to get a new one for herself, I decided I should make her one for Mother's Day, and this is what I came up with:

I used pretty blue and white fabric for the outside, and lined it with pink polka-dotted fabric.  I put in an inner zipper pocket, two larger inner pockets for bills, six credit card pockets, and two clear card pockets in the front for ID cards.  It closes with a snap button tab, and I used pink thread for the top stitching (I thought it looked so cute against the blue!) 

I lined the inner pockets with the outer blue fabric, just to make the inside more interesting.  I love the way it came out!  This was one of my all-time favorite handmade gifts.  I completed it in a reasonable amount of time, and it was pretty fun to put together!  This could easily be changed around in terms of pocket layout; the possibilities are endless!  I can't wait to make some more wallets!

Happy Saturday, everyone!  I have some projects planned for the new house this week, so I'll keep you all posted!  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dapper dog bow-tie tutorial

As promised, I've worked up a little tutorial for those doggie bow-ties from yesterday's post.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fashion for Fido

As I'm sure you've noticed from this post (not to mention this post) Oliver likes to look good.  So, as per his request, I whipped up some bow-ties to add to his wardrobe.  I just sewed simple bows with Velcro loops at the back, so that the bows can be attached to his normal collar.  Since they just go onto the collar he's used to wearing, he doesn't mind wearing these little beauties one bit! 

Since I scheduled this photo shoot during his previously scheduled nap time (which usually lasts most of the day) Oliver refused to get out of bed for the fashion show.  But I'd say my little gentleman looks pretty dapper!  These little bow-ties are definitely one of my all-time favorite scrap busting projects, and they were a cinch to put together!  In fact, these little bow-ties were such a great project, I'm thinking they will be the subject of my very first tutorial!  I'm still working on putting everything together, but look out for details!  Happy Tuesday!

UPDATE: Check out the tutorial here!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Back in the saddle

It's been a wild week!  In the midst of finding a new place to live, getting a job, having some lovely out-of-town visitors, running our first-ever 5k, and a little trip to the puppy ER (those darn fire ants!) I got back in the sewing saddle this week.  I put together a few little projects, including the completion of a project using this fabric that I dyed back in good-ole' Pennsylvania.  I used the fabric to make another "Flirting the Issue" skirt, and here's the finished product:

Because of all of the elastic at the top (and also because the results of my first venture into DIY ombre dying were slightly more subtle than I had hoped) I lost some of the ombre effect once the skirt was put together.  But I love my little skirt anyway!  I used a sunny yellow cotton lining, and I just love that the little white dots didn't take the teal dye on the outer pieces.  This is the perfect addition to my Florida can get pretty warm at this time of the year!

I have a few more projects to share this week so stay tuned!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!