About me

Hi there!  I'm Meghan, a cellist and craft enthusiast born and raised in central Pennsylvania.  I started on the cello when I was about nine years old, and started on my sewing machine when I was about twenty-two, although I have been somewhat of a DIY-er my entire life.  I'm currently living and studying in beautiful sunny (white lies never hurt anybody!) Cleveland, Ohio, with my puggle, Oliver.

I can't think of a better sidekick, can you?  When I'm not playing cello, I love to make things, and this little blog is my favorite place to keep track of my many adventures and misadventures.  My mom was always sewing when I was younger, and made a great deal of mine and my two sisters' clothing.  She helped me to complete my first project (a pair of bright red drawstring pajama pants) when I was in middle school.  In the interest of full disclosure, she did most of the heavy lifting.  I have indeed come a long way since then, and I can't wait to see where Ollie and I end up next!

Aside from cello and crafting, I like running, reading, drinking coffee, cooking complicated meals, and spending time with my beau, Sean.

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