Friday, April 6, 2012

Dress success

So I know you're probably thinking I've deserted you and this blog, but I promise I haven't!  In fact, I've been sticking to my guns and forcing myself to do some real, from-a-pattern, clothing sewing.  And I have my first successful project to share today!  Made from Vogue pattern 1220, here is the fruit of my labor:

I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of this project, and I can't help but toot my own horn a little bit.  I used some sort of mystery fabric (I think it's some kind of polyester blend) that I picked up at a flea market some time ago.  It was one of those times that I bought an enormous quantity of questionable fabric for no particular project.  After I washed it to get out that weird musty flea market smell, I let it sit around in my stash until this week, when I realized it was just perfect for this dress.  Isn't the pattern on this fabric great?  What a find! 

So once I decided to use this great fabric for this great dress pattern, I cut out all of the pieces and then proceeded to let them collect dust on my ironing board for more than a few days.  To be honest, I was scared of the instructions.  There were thirty-six steps, most of which included techniques I had never done and described using words I'd never heard of.  After a few days I just decided to give it a try (and forbid myself to look more than one step ahead) and it turns out it wasn't so bad after all!  In terms of sewing techniques, I had a lot of firsts while working on this project.  To name a few, I made my first darts, pleats, pockets, button fly, and French seam.  And most importantly, this is the first real garment that I've made that fits (I almost can't believe it!) and that doesn't disintegrate when I sit down (it's a miracle!)  Here are a few close-ups of my handiwork:

Just to liven things up a little bit, (and because I cut the pieces out before I actually understood how they fit together) I cut the bodice back, the skirt back, the sleeves, and the belt with the fabric pattern running horizontally, while I cut the front pieces vertically.  I love the effect!  Overall, I'm just thrilled with how the dress turned out and I can't wait to make it again.  I'll try to snap some pictures of me in the dress this week (my dress form was practically busting out of this one!)  I'll post them when I can...thanks for stopping by and happy weekend!   

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