Friday, January 13, 2012

Ooh la lavender

While I'm still trying to work through my scrap pile, and I was also in the mood for another mini project, I decided to spend the afternoon making some sachets for my sister.  In an effort to combat the dreary Pennsylvania winter day we had today, I chose some cheerful scraps from my stash and set to work.  Overall, it was my favorite kind of project: cute, easy and fast!

I filled them with dried lavender, and doubled up on the fabric (so none of the lavender flowers would get wild and start poking out!)  I added some embellishments to each one just to make them a little more interesting (although I didn't intend to put those rosettes on the hounds-tooth sachet, but I had a little whoopsie with the green trim and I had to put on a little something extra.  I'm okay with it!)

I really do love the scent of lavender.

I'm gearing up to tackle some of my larger half-done projects (although to say that some of them are half completed is quite optimistic) so I'll keep you all posted!  Happy Friday the 13th!

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