Friday, January 13, 2012

Late night sewing

After finishing my work for the day and (finally) organizing my fabric a little bit, I couldn't keep myself from making a little something.  I wasn't up for starting a major project (or continuing one that desperately needs to be picked up) so I whipped up a much-needed case for my iPad.  I have a shell and a screen cover to protect from scratches, but nothing with padding to protect it from bumps and bruises...until now, that is!

I picked this stripey fabric up at our local craft store around Thanksgiving, with no specific plans for it (shocking, I know!)  For the lining and the buttons on the front I used some red and white polka-dotted fabric I had left from a Christmas project I did this year.  I used some Velcro pieces I had in my stash to secure the front (and the buttons are just for fun!)  

I used some flat batting between the layers, and after my first-ever attempt at quilting, I'd say the project was a success.  I used one of my all-time favorite color combos, the cover seems to be pretty practical, and it actually fits!

And now it is much past my bedtime.  I hope all are well and thanks for stopping by!

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