Monday, September 17, 2012

Home sweet home

After spending some time this weekend with beautiful friends in their beautiful apartments, I was overcome with a serious bout of home envy.  As a remedy, I hit the web in search of some new wares for my new (and sparsely decorated) place.  While I didn't make any purchases (yet!)  I thoroughly enjoyed "window" shopping, and I can't wait to plan some projects to spruce up my apartment.  Here are just a few favorite finds...what do you think?

I must just be in the mood to buy kitchen accessories, because that's all I wanted to look at this morning.  (But there's nothing wrong with that, right?)  There's just something cheerful about colorful kitchen accessories, and they make cooking and baking all the more enjoyable.  I've also got a few ideas for home sewing projects forming in my little head, so I hope I will have time to get to them soon.    

After a wonderful weekend, it's well past my school-night bedtime.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend, as well!  Thanks for stopping by!

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