Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back in the saddle

After a much needed (and event-filled) hiatus, I'm back at the (computer) keys from a new vantage point (Cleveland) with my same old buddy (see below.)

Although we've made quite a move, and lots of things have changed, many things haven't (including my inclination to parenthetical I'm sure you've noticed.)  But to recap the last month or so: Sean, Ollie, and I loaded up my little car and drove it all the way from Florida to Pennsylvania.  After a blissful week in Pennsylvania with our families, Sean hopped on a plane back to Florida, and my mom and I packed up my little car (yet again) and drove to my new home in Cleveland, Ohio.  So for now, I'm re-adjusting to the student life, and trying to shake this "Old Lady Complex" that I have going on (which developed as a result of the few years that I squeezed between the completion of my Bachelor's and the beginning of my Master's.)  But I'm having a blast exploring my new city, making new friends, and finding my place in my new school.

In other news, among the other amazing gifts I received for my birthday, I was given a gorgeous new dress form, and a new point-and-shoot camera.  I'll be back to post more details later, but here are just a few sneak peek shots of my gift (with my gift), of my swanky new Little Italy apartment, and of a project that I'll be back to share soon!  Enjoy!

I'll be back with more news shortly, (and I've been stockpiling a few projects that I will share with you soon) but for now: it's a school night, and officially past my bedtime.  Happy Sunday!  

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