Friday, February 3, 2012

Tote bag throwback

Things have been a little crazy lately.  I've been traveling a ton, playing a ton, and posting lots of cool things to share with you all.

...that last one might not be completely truthful.  I wish it was!  I'll try to snap some pictures to share on my next couple of trips, which are quickly approaching.  But in the midst of audition season, I have been spending much more time behind this instrument:

and much less time behind this instrument:

Therefore, I decided to share another project that I completed some time ago.  Since I have had embroidery on the brain lately (more projects to come later this month...) I wanted to share one of my favorite past embroidery projects.  I'm a steadfast supporter of reusable grocery bags, so I bought this plain canvas tote and made it a little more fruity.

The patterns for the fruit as well as the text came from this delightful book by Jenny Hart.  The border was a last minute addition...because fruits like to be organized, right?  This was one of my most practical and enjoyable projects.  I'm thinking this bag might need a veggie-themed pal!

I'm off to Cleveland tomorrow for Audition #4, so I'll catch up with y'all when I return!  Have a great weekend!  (...I think there is a football game or something?)

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