Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A better sweater

Hello, friends!  I am back from my trip, and (finally) got back to some sewing today.  While time is still a little tight and patience is a little thin, I spent the afternoon doing a sweater improvement instead of starting an all-out sewing project from scratch.  And that big project I keep teasing you with is still in progress... (stay tuned!)

So today I started with a green, lightweight sweater that I got at Old Navy and have had for quite some time.  It desperately wanted a new, cuter lease on life.  Since my photographer wasn't available today, here it is on my lovely blue (and busty!) dress form.   

And here it is now...

All I did was shorten the sleeves and slap on some trim.  This is yet another lovely bit of trim that I picked up last winter, only to let it collect dust in the bottom of my notions basket.  I sewed the trim on by hand, which made for a tedious, but delightfully simple project.  Perfect for catching up on some reality tv!  I've got some other projects on my mind this week so I hope I can get to them soon, and I will keep you all posted!  Happy Tuesday!

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