Monday, February 10, 2014

Better late than never

Today is just one of those days that no matter how much I try to organize things and make things go my way, the universe (more specifically, the weather forecast) seems to have other plans.  I have given up hope that my poor, snow-sodden street will ever be plowed, and the impending sub-zero temperatures are certainly a blow to my morale.  But never fear!  I'm going to stop complaining now.

When going over all of my past posted projects this weekend (have you checked out the new and improved tutorials and things i've made tabs??) I realized that this poor, poor bag I made last fall missed out on its blog debut.  So, to remedy the situation, here is a very belated post of a little book tote I put together last fall sometime.  I'm always in need of bags that are big enough to hold lots of music, and this amazing Anna Maria Horner print that I'd previously ordered was screaming to be put to use somehow.  I found the rest of the supplies I needed from my overflowing bookshelf of sewing disorder, and threw this together in just a day.  

I did some experimenting with details on this bag, so there is a lot going on, which suits me just fine.  I had originally intended to give the top edge scallops, but I cut them too small, and they looked like messy spikes once I assembled the bag.  So I took those off, and added some grey pleats to my now-flat-and-plain-top edge.  I added some peach lace to the sides (I just felt like the blue/grey pallete needed some kind of contrast.)  For the straps, I used some thick cord, covered with plain grey cotton, fastened with gold square rings.  I added a small inner zip pocket, and lined it the same grey cotton that I used for the sides and straps.

I still have every intention of making a scalloped-edge bag, so I plan to mount a second attempt soon.  I'm also beginning to dread the thought of moving my overflowing fabric collection when I finish my degree in May, so I've imposed a ban on buying, and have a good deal of sewing to do between now and then.  Any great project ideas you'd like to share?

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