Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday

Today my sister and I made a trip to our local flea market.  I was tempted by so many different vintage fabrics, doilies, notions, and buttons; but somehow I managed to make it out without spending more than five dollars (it's a miracle!)  In the end, I settled on a gorgeous yellow lace runner and a mixed pack of vintage handkerchiefs.  


I can't wait to come up with some ways to use these in upcoming projects!  Although some of the hankies are so beautifully embroidered, I might not have the heart to cut them up.  I'm thinking of framing some of them along with some vintage needle cases to hang in my future sewing room.  I've also been attempting to think of projects all afternoon that would create a need for me to go and pick up some extra buttons and notions I found.  I'm sure I'll come up with something!

After much deliberation, I decided that I've held off for long enough, and I took a peek at some fabric online today.  I have built up a small collection of sewing patterns that I had every intention of using when I purchased them, but lost my nerve before I even started.  For some reason, sewing clothes from scratch intimidates the bajeezus out of me.  While I've taken on a few clothing projects, I've really stayed away from this challenge by sewing projects that don't require fit, or by modifying garments that came to me pre-assembled.  Now's the time to take on these patterns!  In order to do this, I just have to get some new fabric (yes, it's an excuse to go fabric shopping, but I'm going to seize the opportunity!)  I'll keep you all posted as I take on these new and exciting projects!

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